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Flying cathedral
Amman. Jordan
Face of the City
Bogota street
Bogota street
Bedouin. Jordan
Bedouin. Jordan
Bedouin.  Jordan

The main idea of ​​this series is that every object can be transformed into an object of art.

I started creating this series during my life in Jordan. I was inspired by the streets of Amman and its unusual architecture.

The first sketch was made on an empty pizza box bought in a small pizzeria next to my house. I was amazed by the transformation of a piece of cardboard, almost thrown into the trash, grafted into an interesting sketch that has intensified over time.

This series is constantly updated with new sketches on pizza boxes wherever I am. This has become a special ritual of internal communication with the places I lived and travelled.

The works are made in mixed media, with a marker, pen, acrylic ink and watercolors. In some works I use monotype and prints of linocut and stencil.

Finally, I cover the work with a protective layer of varnish to protect the cardboard from dust and UV rays.

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