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Natasha Gavrilova (GraNata) is a full-time nomad artist, graphic designer, printmaking expert, who have lived and worked in different countries. She is currently based in Madrid, Spain, where she has her own studio for experimenting in freedom.  She can't imagine a day without art.

Natasha was born in Russia and after graduating from Omsk Art University in 2000, she worked illustrating, designing and art directing in the fashion industry. In 2006, her life changed dramatically following her emigration from Russia and she decided to fully dedicate to art in every of the countries she has living since: Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Spain…so far. 

Natasha is a multidisciplinary artist working with various techniques from traditional to experimental, combining common raw materials of everyday life such cardboards and pizza boxes. She also works in the technique of mixed media, using water color, ink, acrylic, charcoаl, collage…

Her strong passion is graphic art and, as a printmaking artist, she does lithography in different surfaces, constantly studying and improving her skills.

Her living style with frequent moving from country to country has a huge influence in her art, very inspired in different cultures, cities and peoples. Her urban landscapes show that strong emotional connection with the place she is living in that moment in time. 

Her motivation is to look for new effects, new look at the expression of ideas, harmonious combinations of colours, shapes, rhythm that cannot be repeated. Always looking ahead and going her own way. This is how her project «TRANZIT» was created: A collection of unique works -performed on the cardboard boxes that she used to move to her next country destination- on the first impression of the cities in which she found herself at that particular moment of life. Some kind of diary of an empty box.


  • Master degree, fashion graphic designer, Omsk Art University, Russia

  • Course of lithography, International contemporary printmaking studio «Circular graphic», Bogota, Colombia

  • Course of lithography, international centre of printmaking CIEC, Spain


Recent Exhibition and Events:


  • 2022 International Art fair "BADA", Madrid

  • 2022 International Art Fair "Artist360", Madrid

  • 2022 International Art fair "Delicias con Arte", railway museum, Madrid.

  • 2022 Competition and Exhibition of Litography, selected artist , San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid.

  • 2022 Group exhibition, "Fin temporada", Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

  • 2022 Group exhibition " Taller de grabado", Casa de cultura, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid.

  • 2021 Personal exhibition. Project "TRANZIT". Madrid, Spain. Casa de Cultura .San Lorenzo De El Escorial.

  • 2021 Group exhibition, Madrid, Spain. Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain

  • 2021 International lithograph competition and exhibition. Selected artist. Madrid, Spain. Casa de cultura, El Escorial.

  • 2019 Artbo, Art space «Cooperartes», Bogota, Colombia

  • 2019 «In preso», Bogota, Colombia

  • 2018  Personal exhibition  «Tranzit» , "Art Lane" gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • 2018 Group exhibition  "Art Lane" gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • 2017 Group exhibition "Art Lane" gallery, Kazakhstan

  • 2016 Personal exhibition Amman, Jordan

  • 2015 Nabat gallery, Amman, Jordan 

  • 2014 Group exhibition "Jacaranda" images gallery, Amman Jordan



       2021 International lithograph competition and exhibition .            Selected artist. Madrid,Spain.


        2004 Finalist, Moscow International Advertising Festival.               Calendar “Zip-Art coloring book”

  • 2003 Finalist, Moscow International Advertising Festival. Calendar “12 Asanas”

  • 2002 First prize All Russian Festival “IDEA”. Calendar “Zip-Art N”

  • 2002 Third prize, Moscow International Advertising Festival. Catalogue “Zip-Art”

  • 2001 First prize All Russian Festival “IDEA”. Calendar for Education company

  • 2001 Third price All Russian Festival “IDEA”. Corporate Identity “Zip-Art”



"My art is highly influenced by my nomadic life style moving from country to country. My work reflects my impressions, feelings, observations and emotional connection with the place I am in that particular moment of my life".

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